Sunday 11/23: Flour, Salt, and Moonbeams

Flour Salt Moonbeam

Photo: Ben Z Mund

That’s right, a new opera just for you, Portland! This preview will bring you the music and a hint of the drama of the first production of Hungry Opera Machine, a new opera initiative straight from the brain and soul of composer, tenor, and player of too many instruments to count, Eric Stern. Flour, Salt, and Moonbeams will hit the Alberta Rose Theatre in all its glory in March 2015, but for now, an intimate evening of music (and partying) will have to tide you over for the long, hard winter:

Flour, Salt, and Moonbeams

A New Gypsi-Jazz Opera by Eric Stern, directed by Annie Rosen

Sunday, November 23, 2014

5 – 7:00pm at Mississippi Pizza Pub (3552 N. Mississippi Ave, Portland)

Tickets: $10 advance/$15 at door

The Schedule: One hour of opera in concert version, one hour of PARTYING (with prizes!) led by Eric’s jazz trio.

The Story: She’s a waitress with a past, a mouth like a sailor, and a heart of gold. The chance she takes on tramp-turned-cook Cociñero may cost her a job and a fat tip from the local mob boss, but Cociñero’s words are full of hope and his tortillas are out of this world!

The Lineup:

[Very Pregnant] Waitress played by yours truly

Mafioso & Tenor Scot Crandal

Money-Grubbing Restaurant Manager & Bass Noah Mickens

Tortilla-flipping Mezzo and Commedia dell’Arte-trained Director Annie Rosen

Violin stylings of Mirabai Peart

Master of the saxophone and a whole slew of percussion instruments Paul Evans

and of course, music directing from the piano, Composer Eric Stern

Tickets are limited. Fun is not.


Mark That Calendar!

(Upcoming Performances)

Catherine joins Third Angle New Music for more out-of-the-box works by Luigi Nono, Lucia Ronchetti, and Luciano Berio

Made in Italy

Saturday, March 7, 2015

7:30pm at the Portland Art Museum’s Kridel Ballroom


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