FINAL WEEKEND: Giasone & the Argonauts @ Hollywood Theatre

 Thursday, Friday, & Saturday – 7:00pm

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Not your classic artistic mash-up, Opera Theater Oregon brings Portland yet another reinvention of opera as we know it.

On Screen: 1963 hit, Jason and the Argonauts, chalk full of claymation monsters, scantily-clad grecian sailors, and all the important elements of an American cult classic! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll revel in the campiness.

The Music: Cavalli’s 1649 hit opera Giasone, recreated by OTO’s amazing Erica Melton, sung by some of Portland’s finest, and played by a mix of Baroque and contemporary instruments. That’s right folks, it’s not every day you hear theorbo and vibes play together, so you should definitely give a listen.

Style: We begin the evening with a brief fashion showcase of the imaginative, coutoure-Inspired costumes on each of the 15 singers, designed by Portland’s Useless Woman, AC.

Sound: Live sound effects (entertaining to both watch and hear!) by David Ian & Dino DeAElfweald of Unchained Productions.

The Many Faces of Amore



Left: Catherine as Amore/Hera in Opera Theater Oregon’s Giasone & the Argonauts, 2014

Bottom Right: Honor Blackman as Hera in Jason & the Argonauts, 1963

Top Right: Amore/Hera, talking figurehead on Jason’s mighty ship as he sails in search of the Golden Fleece.


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